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1 Breaking down the questions of essay writing

2 THE RAGING QUIETDescribe an aspect of setting that was important in the text. Explain why the aspect of setting was important.A part of the setting – NOT the whole settingSetting: where the story takes place or time or dateWhy: Why is that place important to the story or character/s or bothImportant? Significant or central to the story

3 THE RAGING QUIETWHAT THE QUESTION IS ACTUALLY ASKING OF YOU: Describe a part of the setting that was central to the novel. Explain why that part of the setting was significant to the characters and/or story.

4 Essay format for the NOVEL
IntroductionParagraph one: answer the DESCRIBE part of the questionsParagraph two: answer the EXPLAIN part of the question (1st answer/reason/point)Paragraph three: answer the EXPLAIN part of the question (2nd answer/reason/point)Conclusion

5 WW1 POETRYDescribe at least ONE idea you thought was important in EACH text. Explain how the writer showed you the idea was important in EACH text.Idea: the main message or purpose of the poemsImportant : significant or central to the poemHow: what language techniques were usedShowed: was evidence, demonstrated, confirmed, provedEACH TEXT: compare and contrast two poems

6 WW1 POETRYWHAT THE QUESTION IS ACTUALLY ASKING OF YOU: Describe what you think the main idea was in each poem. Explain what language techniques the writer used to prove to you that the idea is important in each poem

7 Essay format for the POETRY
Introduction – combine Poem 1 & 2Paragraph one: answer the DESCRIBE part of the question for POEM 1Paragraph two: answer the EXPLAIN part of the question for POEM 1Paragraph three: answer the DESCRIBE part of the question for POEM 2Paragraph four: answer the EXPLAIN part of the question for POEM 2Conclusion

8 Essay format for the POETRY
Within the essay you should make contrasts and comparisons within the paragraphsBoth poets focus on the idea…While Owen uses similes to convey the idea of … Sassoon uses the techniques of emotive adjectives instead.Both Sassoon and Owen use range of literary techniques to convey the idea…Both Owen and Sassoon use similes to tells the reader that…



The Raging Quiet

Sherryl Jordan, Author, Kinuko Kraft, Illustrator Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing $17 (272p) ISBN 978-0-689-82140-0
Jordan (Winter of Fire) transports readers to a craggy seaside town for this sweeping story of a blossoming friendship between a young woman outsider and a young man whom the townsfolk deem mad. Marnie arrives in the village of Torcurra to live in a rundown and isolated cottage with her new husband, Isake Isherwood, the son of a nobleman. After a mere two days of marriage, Isake dies in a freak accident for which the villagers unfairly blame Marnie, whom they suspect is a witch. In this hostile environment the parish priest and an outcast boy Marnie dubs Raven are the young widow's only allies. She realizes that Raven is deaf rather than--as the superstitious townsfolk believe--possessed by demons, and develops a sign language with which the two young people communicate (fueling suspicions of witchcraft). Jordan blends a zealous supporting cast with the flavor of Hawthorne with the societal forces of Hardy as she plays out Marnie's tortuous fate. A few elements may be familiar to adult readers (e.g., a mysterious hidden treasure), but Marnie's ordeal at the hands of witch-hunters and Raven's efforts to learn to communicate make for riveting reading. The land itself takes on a hypnotic presence, culminating in a primal dance on a Stonehenge-like stage. Even if readers see a few developments coming, the anticipation is pure pleasure. Ages 12-up. (Apr.)
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