Problem Of Corruption In India Essay

Now-a-days corruption can be seen everywhere. It is like cancer in public life, which has not become so rampant and perpetuated overnight, but in course of time. A country where leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Lai Bahadur Shastri and Kamraj have taken birth and led a value-based is now facing the problem of corruption.

When we talk of corruption in public life, it covers corruption in politics, state governments, central governments, "business, industry and so on. Public dealing counters in most all government offices are the places where corruption most evident. If anybody does not pay for the work it is sure work won't be done.

People have grown insatiable appetite for money in them and they can go to any extent to get money. Undoubtedly they talk of morality and the importance of value-based life but that is for outer show. Their inner voice is something else.

It is always crying for money. It has been seen the officers who are deputed to look into the matters of corruption turn out to be corrupt. Our leaders too are not less corrupt. Thus the network of corruption goes on as usual and remains undeterred.

Corruption is seen even in the recruitment department where appointments are ensured through reliable middle agencies. Nexus between politicians and bureaucrats works in a very sophisticated manner. Nexus does also exist between criminals and police.

Everybody knows that criminals have no morals, hence nothing good can we expect from them. But police are supposed to be the symbol of law and order and discipline. Even they are indulged in corruption. This is more so because they enjoy unlimited powers and there is no action against them even on complaints and sufficient proof of abuse of office atrocities and high handedness.

Corruption can be need-based or greed-based. Better governance can at least help to check need-based corruption. Better governance can check greed based corruption also because punishment for the corrupt will be very effective and prompt in a better-governed country.

The steps should be taken to correct the situation overall. Declarations of property and assets of the government employees are made compulsory and routine and surprise inspections and raids be conducted at certain intervals.

Though it seerris very difficult to control corruption but it is not impossible. It is not only the responsibility of the government but ours too. We can eliminate corruption if there will be joint effort. We must have some high principles to follow so that we may be models for the coming generation. Let us take a view to create an atmosphere free from corruption. That will be our highest achievement as human beings.


Corruption Is The Main Problem Of India

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In this post I have discussed about the corruption mainly in politics and its impact on social life.


Corruption is the main problem of many Asian countries specially India. The specific meaning of the word corruption is misusing one's office for a private benefit. It involves both the monetary and non-monetary benefit. In simple words every person of higher level or lower level person are mostly corrupted, they used to do un-official work for the sake of money. This is all about the meaning of corruption.

Corruption ( A big problem)

Corruption is now a global problem common in both developed and developing countries. A corrupted person never think about the country. The main work for the corrupted persons is to increase their earnings through un authorized work.

The most obvious effect of political corruption is a loss of public esteem for politicians and political life.The impact on business and the wider society is also terrible. Business gains some more cash credits as they are corrupted but these things occur only on the initial stage. Corruption is also called diseases in India. This disease increases risks and costs to business, damages investor confidence and stops economic growth of the business.

India is famous allover the world just because of its culture and the great India cricket team. Corruption in India is the main result of poverty in India and also the poor growth of India.

Corrupted politicians

All the leaders of India are mostly corrupted. They used to do un-authorized work for their own development.

Every politicians are having hundreds of crores of money but their income is not more that of Rs 50,000 . They got all that money from where, this is the main question that arises in mind of most of the Indians but they are not authorized to do anything. This is the result of poor government in India.

A major corruption in Common wealth games Delhi

It is really very shameful for all the Indians that there was not proper arrangements for the foreign players in the Common wealth games in Delhi.
Not only this the courts and play grounds were also not fully ready for the matches. This is the result of Indian corruption. When there was a situation of flood in Delhi, the walls of stadiums were also having lines in that which makes a bad atmosphere not specially in Delhi but in the whole country. The roads, bridges were having big pits and holes in that makes the country feel shameful. The contractors, politicians and engineers are responsible for all the misfortune happened.

There were also not proper arrangements in stadiums, all the rooms for foreign and Indians players were not at all good.

Government gave Rs 250,0000000 /- for the proper development of stadiums but only few crore were used to do so and the remaining money goes in the pocket of politicians,contractors and engineers.

Steps to remove corruption from India permanently

1. All the politicians should realize what their main duty is.
2.Black money should be sealed by the government.
3.Youths should make a revolution against it.
4.Punishment should be given to all the corrupt person in India.

Corruption is the main bacteria who is eating our country continuously

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