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Abraham and God Essay

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Abraham’s seriousness and dedication in regards to his covenant with God control tense actions and events between Abraham and Isaac. Abraham is compelled in his actions by his understanding and faith that his belief in God will reap benefits. Without hesitation, he considers doing everything that God tells him to do. Abraham’s willingness and sacrifice of Isaac show the great power that God has over Abraham. Abraham’s desire for God’s approval and blessings compel him toward grave actions without the concrete command from God. Abraham merely implies God’s intentions from the limited conversations held between Abraham, God, and the angel. The unspoken dialogue between the characters put emphasis on the implicit ideas of the covenant that…show more content…

At that moment, Isaac is merely a part of Abraham’s trial. There is a gap in communication between God and Abraham when Isaac is saved. The angel intervenes in God’s place and prevents further action from Abraham. God personally speaks to Abraham while telling him to make an offering but does not personally intervene during Isaac’s sacrifice. Without clear instructions to Abraham, he is left to answer to God’s task with only what Abraham himself believes is true. Having sent a messenger, God’s intentions are clearer. In sending the angel, it shows the importance that Abraham has in God’s eyes while Isaac remains less important. Isaac himself was merely a part of Abraham’s test of faith in God and was saved because Abraham proved himself.
The use of limited narrow diction suggests that in simply following God’s orders and completing his covenant with God, Abraham will find himself blessed and God will approve of his actions. The way Abraham “hearkened to [God’s] voice” emphasizes their relationship and Abraham’s undoubted conviction to God and the covenant (Genesis 22:18 ). Abraham takes the task that God gives him and he completes it without question or doubt of the meaning or reason behind it. Abraham acts upon God’s orders because Abraham has “hearkened” God. In Abraham’s view, the only way to fully hear God’s orders would be to follow them no matter the cost. God merely tells Abraham to

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Essay about The Life of Abraham Lincoln

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The Life of Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. He grew up in Hodgenville, Kentucky, and lived out in the wilderness. He was brought up doing chores, and had a special talent of using an axe at a young age. Upon attending an ABC school, Abraham learned how to read, write, and solve arithmetic problems. He and his family constantly had problems with the milk sick disease, which was the cause of the death of Abraham’s mother. One of Abraham’s first jobs as a young…show more content…

Upon returning to his former job as a layer upon the end of his political term, he was able to become a master at the occupation. Around 1854, Abraham began to research the Kansas-Nebraska Act, for he was held an opposing viewpoint of what is stated. He believed the Act did not address how important it was that slavery be abolished, for it allowed people in these two territories to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders. Right after this, Lincoln began involving himself in more debates about slavery, while at the same time trying to get into a political position.

He was finally granted his wish to become president on November 6, 1860 defeating Douglas, John Bell, and John C. Breckinridge. Re-elected in for the next four years after this term had ended, he was all the while serving during the Civil War. His view on the war was that he hoped to create a plan to join the nation together, and give the South more right to the slaves. Eventually the Civil War’s end was exactly how he had wanted to terminate, with General Lee surrendering to General Grant in Virginia. The death of President Lincoln was tragic, and was soon following this victorious end of the war. Upon a third re-election as U.S. President, he angered many people who did not like the way he served their country. John Wilkes Booth was one of

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