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Thanks a lot for your correction. Here is my second part.

Also, I’d like to discuss the problem of using animals in scientific experiments. It is a well-known fact that rats, pigs, monkeys and other animals are used for testing new kinds of medications [or: pharmaceuticals]. Moreover, these days animals are even used for testing shampoos, soaps, food additives and perfumes. Many people as well as animal protection organisations are against such cruel treatment of animals. It is obvious_that pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and businesses should be controlled and restricted by the government when using animals for these purposes. A possible solution for this issue could be using computer models for testing new kind of drugs, which would decrease the number of animals used. As a matter of fact, using animals for such non-critical purposes is shameful for mankind and should be banned. Another very important aspect of this issue is the fact that recent inventions in the area_ of genetic engineering can [may?] lead to using animals for transplant surgery. I _recently watched a documentary movie on the Discovery Channel about cloning. Some scientists suppose_ that in the near future animals that have organs similar to human ones_ could be used for growing transplant organs. I guess ["I guess" is colloquial; "it seems to me" or nothing at all is better in a written essay] that it is a very controversial field and humankind will face a lot of moral problems related tousing animals in such a way.

There are many advantages if a family has a pet. One of the benefits of this is that pets have a very positive impact on children. From my everyday experience and observation, children from families who have a cat or a dog are usually very kind, humane and merciful. One of the reasonsfor this is the need to take care of a pet. Moreover, there is a good chance that a child will get along well with other people in _adult life because he or she learns how to treat a pet well. Another important aspect _is the fact that according to_ recent scientific research, holding [do you mean literally holding in one's hands? otherwise, "having" is better] pets at home is exceptionally beneficial for one's health. I _recently read an article in the magazine “National Geographic” about this discovery. Some scientists claim that playing with a cat leads to normalization of your blood pressure and increasesyour life span. So it is clear why many people enjoy keeping pets in their apartments.

However, there are negative sides if you have a pet. [Or: There are negative aspects to having a pet.] First of all, there is_scientific evidence_ that having an animal at home can amplify [better: exacerbate; aggravate; intensify] some kinds of allergies. As a matter of fact, children are very vulnerable in this concern because they have weaker immune systems than adults_. Therefore it is reasonable to take advice from a general practitioner about whether your family is at risk having a pet. Secondly, these days some people spend a lot [or: exhorbotant amounts of]money for expensive haircuts, clothes or even delicious food for their pets. Of course_ it is up to them, but I guess that the golden mean is better. [It's not really clear what you mean by this. Another sentence explaining would be good.] In addition,_ future pet owners should take into account that they will have to spend quite a lot of time with their pets. For instance, if you have a dog it is necessary to walk him or her [it is acceptable to use "it" with animals, but this is fine as well] daily for at least one hour. Furthermore, some pet owners face rather exotic issues. For instance, I have quite an old cat,_ about 15 years old. Can you believe that she has cried every night since last year? To tell the truth [this is fine, but you are using a lot of these connecting phrases, and I think this sentence is better without it], it is a real nightmare_ for my family as well as our for our neighbours. Thus, it is clear why some people would not have a pet at home.

In conclusion,_ I prefer to think that, despite possible obstacles,having a pet at home has more positive aspects than negative ones. In most cases it would be beneficial_ for _children as well as for parents. As far as zoos are concerned, in my opinion they are really necessary for both the conservation of endangered animals as well as for _ education. Finally,_I am concerned about scientific experiments on animals. On a personal level, I think that the less scientists _ expose animals to different medical_ experiments, the more humane and merciful our society will be. We are all responsible for the future of our planet.

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It would be great if anyone can help me in providing solutions to below topics:

1. Benefits and problems of studying and performing old theatre play in high school
2. The positive and negative effects of technology on teachers’ role.
3. Following a strict routine and whether it is beneficial or not in staying focused.
4. There is no need of newspaper in the modern world... support your point of view.
5. Purpose of education should let people to become professional workers and good members of society. Others believe that purpose of education should be fulfilment of achieving.
6. Some educationalists believe written exam results do not necessarily determine a child's ability and there should be other ways employed by universities,colleges and schools to reform education.How far do you agree with this statement, support from your own experience.
7. Families should have one car. Dicuss pros and cons
8. Global transportation has escalated the cost of the country Discuss advantages and disadvantages.
9. The traffic congestion has increased massively across the globe. The govt. has proposed a solution to raise the taxes to reduce the traffic jam. What is your view on this?

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