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Dentistry Personal Statement 12

My decision to pursue a career in dentistry was born out of careful consideration and research, as well as an inquisitive nature and an interest in oral health matters. I am naturally caring and empathetic and I feel these qualities would serve me well in a dental career. In dentistry, forming a climate of calm and trust is essential to good quality care. This is something I do with my two elder autistic brothers on a daily basis.

As part of my research into dentistry I arranged work experience. This included six months at an NHS/private practice, a week in a pharmacy, a week in a dental lab, a week shadowing surgical specialists in a hospital and a week with an orthodontist. During my experience, I observed a medical emergency, which showed me a dentist needs to keep calm under pressure. I also witnessed the attachment of a crown to the abutment of an implant. I noticed how the dentist constantly checked the spacing both mesially and distally as well as any interference with the bite. I realised that attention to detail is very important in dentistry. In my time at the dental lab, I was able to make a wax denture and a gum shield. Throughout these processes, I used the technicians drill to cut, sharpen and polish the end product. I had to consider aspects such as shaping the appliances to accommodate the movement of certain oral muscles, whilst maintaining a good fit. I found this process rewarding and informative. It showed me that a dentist has to coordinate effectively with the dental team to provide good quality patient care. I have noticed some problematic sides to dentistry i.e. the difficulties experienced when trying to explain to a patient why extraction is the best course of action. Despite this, it is a dentist's duty to provide empathetic support and accurate explanations of the facts. This is something I feel I would be good at as I have volunteered at a Special Needs gym club for six months, where I found that reassuring the children was a strong quality of mine. I would often encounter very upset children and I was able to draw from personal experiences with my brothers; to calm them down. This often involved inventive ways of communication and explanation. I feel this ability would be very useful in dentistry. I currently volunteer at a care home on weekends. Working with vulnerable people is fulfilling and helps to develop my caring nature.

I am a keen musician and this gives me a number of skills which are vital in dentistry. Playing Tenor Horn and piano requires good hand eye coordination and the creative process of composing is something from which I take great pleasure. Music also allows me to relax, this is important to me as I feel a good work-rest balance is essential. I also enjoy relaxing through sports; go-karting, kayaking and cycling are my sports of choice. I have raced karts for the Welsh team three times; this required good team working and communication skills, which are essential in dentistry. In my gap year so far I have been tutoring A level biology and chemistry. I have also organised a week with a paedodontic specialist in London, two days with a special care dentist and two days in a radiography department. I hope this will give me further insight into the workings of dentistry as a whole. In school I was a prefect, peer mentor and member of the debating club. These roles taught me the value of responsibility.

My experiences of dentistry have convinced me that it is absolutely what I want to do. Improving people's oral health and standard of living in a hands-on way really appeals to me, and I believe I possess qualities which are important in dentistry: my caring and empathetic nature, my dexterity and creativity, and my ability to communicate effectively. I hope I have demonstrated a commitment to my goal of becoming a dentist as well as an understanding of the qualities required.

Universities Applied to:

  • Barts and The London (Dentistry) [IV 06/12/11] - Offer
  • Leeds (Dentistry) - Rejection
  • Liverpool (Dentistry) [IV 05/12/11] - Rejection
  • Bristol (Dentistry) - Rejection
  • Manchester (Pharmacy) - Offer

Grades Achieved:

A Levels

  • Chemistry (A2) - A
  • Biology (A2) - A*
  • Music (A2) - A*
  • Business (AS) - A
  • Welsh Baccalaureate - Pass (equivalent of A, 120 UCAS points)


  • Business studies - A*
  • R.E - A*
  • Welsh - A
  • English Lang - A
  • English Lit - A
  • Science double award - A
  • Additional science - A
  • Resistant materials - A
  • Maths - B
  • German - C

UKCAT - 623.5

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