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20th Century American History

The twentieth century was the period between 1901 and 2000. The United States of America revolved from the mentality of mining, gun fighting, outlaws and homesteading which is associated with third world to one of the most industrialized countries and most important the world Super Power during the twentieth century. However, the American evolution process involved most of the world “darkest times” such as the great.

Challenges Facing Americans in 20th Century

The pioneer generation was faced with challenges such as environmental concerns, prohibitions and laws on child labor. In fact, between 1919 and 1933, the manufacture, supply and sales of alcoholic products was banned. This resulted to development of various criminal groups which flourished from the profitable business of alcohol and bootlegging sales. Nevertheless, the Americans, especially the criminal groups who profited from sales of liquor, drugs, prostitution and gambling stood firmly against the prohibition.

More upset arose in 1914 when the First World War started. This is the historical largest ever world military battle which involved over seventy million soldiers from top world super powers. Before the First World War ended in 1918, over fifteen million people were killed making the war the most deadly conflict in the world history. However, the American upset did not end there. Soon after the world had settled, the great depression settled upon the United States and the other world nations. The great depression was the most severe and the largest world economic depression in the American history.

The great depression resulted to overwhelming effects on the entire human life such as personal earning, prices, tax revenue and benefits. Commercial industries as well suffered severely. Farming declined dramatically and prices of crops fell drastically and thousands of jobs were lost. The depression led to establishment of another set of outlaws that resulted to development of conflicts in United States of America.

Americans 20th Century Achievements

In 1933, the United States started to recover under the stewardship of President Roosevelt who developed administrative policies like the National Industrial Recovery Act. However, later in the twentieth century, the world war started in 1939 and seized in 1945. Thereafter, the cold war settled upon the United States and the Soviet Union. The two remained the world supper power after the Second World War. In 1950, the Korean battle was initiated followed by the world historical longest fought battle of Vietnam War which began in 1950 and ended in 1975. Despite been a tough century for Americans, it was during the twentieth century when America became among the world most industrialized nations as well as the World Superpower.

American History X Essay examples

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American History X

American History X is clearly a film dealing with the social topic of racism. The interesting thing about this film is the way in which the subject is presented. First of all, it is obvious that, though racism is always a difficult subject to deal with, American History X presents it without any reservations or dummying down. Second, the film's figurehead for racism, Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton), is not an unintelligent redneck racist as films often portray them, but is in fact well-spoken, charismatic and bright, although he clearly holds ideals that are terribly wrong. Finally, the film shows that it is not only the white, neo-nazi racists who are fools for being involved in this, but all those who hold hatred in…show more content…

For example, the young, black men were disgraced by the white male in a local game of basketball; therefore, the black men go to do damage to the white males car, which in turn, leads to the white male killing the young black men. It's a vicious circle with no end in sight.

The film also did a very good job in the way they tie racial issues in with the portrayal of Derek's character as a strong and bold leader. The things that make Derek such a powerful and frightening character is not the fact that he is racist, it is the fact that instead of choosing a somewhat regular, backwoods, unintelligent racist as the films central character, Derek is well spoken and bright. It is these qualities that allow him to recruit the youths of Venice Beach and form, with the help of his mentor Cameron Alexander, the entire white supremacist culture permeating the area. Instead of just telling them to hate black, Hispanic, and Asian people because they are of that race, he makes speeches, telling them charismatically and passionately how these people are stealing their jobs, causing Americans to suffer a poor standard of living. He tells them "America needs to take care of Americans before dealing with immigrants." And his speeches clearly incite this hatred in the young people of that area and flare up their tempers, causing behavior, such as we see in the movie when they destroy a grocery store because it was bought by a Korean immigrant who employs, "40 fuckin' border jumpers"

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