Jan Klohs Dissertation Defense

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ESMI PhD Award

The ESMI PhD Award Committee:

  • Emmanuelle Canet-Soulas - Lyon, France Chair
  • Giuseppe Digilio - Alessandria, Italy
  • Christoph Griessinger, Basel, Switzerland
  • Jan Klohs-  Zurich, Switzerland
  • Twan Lammers - Aachen, Germany
  • Albert Windhorst - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Award Committee is mainly responsible for the evaluation of the submitted application. In case of any conflicts of interest the evaluation will be done by an external reviewer.

The winners

Winner 2016

Mark Lobatto on "Exploration and application of nanomedicine in atherosclerotic disease"

abstract, full-text thesis, future carrer plans

Winner 2015

Anoek Zomer on "Intravital imaging of plasticity during tumor growth and metastasis"

abstract, impact, future carreer plans


Winner 2014

Giuseppe Ferrauto on “Development of highly sensitive probes for applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in molecular medicine”

Pouyan Mohajerani on “Robust Methods and Algorithms for Fluorescence Imaging and Tomography”

Abstracts, impact, future plans


Winners 2013

Hans Wehrl on "Possibilities and limitations of combined PET/MR imaging in oncological and neurological basic research”

Laila Ritsma on “High resolution in vivo imaging of metastasis; Seeing is believing”

Abstracts, full-text, and more


Winners 2012

Tessa Buckle on "Interventional molecular imaging, a hybrid approach"

Astrid van der Veldt on "Towards personalized treatment planning of chemotherapy: [11C]docetaxel PET studies in lung cancer patients"

Lucia Crane on "Intraoperative fluorescence imaging in cancer"

Angelique Ale on "Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography and X-ray CT, Methods and Applications"

Abstracts, full-text, and more

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