Civics Review Homework 3-10

Elizabeth Hansen

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All students will have access to my Moodle page with the enrollment key (they should ask me forthe enrollment key if they forget).  At this site, students can access the Honors Civics syllabus, the textbooks, and a weekly update of in-class activities and daily homework assignments. 


In this class students will study government, political science, citizenship, and current events. Throughout the course students will work on writing, speaking, criticalthinking skills, and the application of study skills for more advancedwork.  It is important to understand the philosophy of our county, how it operates, and to think critically about thegovernment’s role in protecting our rights in a post 9-11 world.


Government: Democracy inAction. Glencoe 2008.

We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution.  Published by The Center for Civic

Education, 1995.  This will serve as our secondary textbook.

Areas of Study:

Unit 1: Why Do We Have a Government? (Foundations of Government)

This unit will examine the need for government, and the governing philosophy of Ancient Greece, , and philosophers from the Enlightenment Period.


Unit 2: The Foundingof the American Political System

This unit will examine the short term events that led to the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

            Simulation: Constitutional Convention


Unit 3: The Constitution and Bill of Rights

Students will study Federalism, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and the Rule of Law that is imbedded in the Constitution.  They will also examine how the Bill of Rights was created and the role it has played in our nation’s history.  Moreover, we will examine how these rights affect our lives in post 9-11 world.

Unit 4 Legislative Branch:

Students will learn about the law making power of the legislative branch.

            Simulation: Student Bill Proposal –Legislative Session

Unit 5 Political Parties:

Students will investigate the differences between the main political parties, and examine where they fall on the political spectrum. 

Unit 6: Elections:

Students will learn about the process of a national election, which include campaigning techniques, special interest group and media influences, and voting right and responsibilities.

Simulation: Election

Unit 7 Executive Branch:

Students will look at the different roles the president portrays, which includes his powers, responsibilities and limitations.  They will also learn about the Electoral College.

Unit 8 Judicial Branch:

Students will learn about the structure of our independent judiciary, judicial review, and the Supreme Court.

            Simulation: Mock Trial

***There is NO extra credit given in Honors Civics***


There are four major projects in Honors Civics:Constitutional Simulation, Legislative Simulation, Election Simulation, and the Mock Trial.  These projects are done and assessed on an individual basis.  Identical projects will be given a zero and a letter will be placed in the student's file.


Unit Tests= 45% Writing & Homework= 15% Projects= 30% Participation & Quizzes= 10%

A= 100 – 93%            B=86.99 – 83%          C= 76.99 – 73%         D= 66.99 – 63%

A- = 92.99 – 90%       B-=82.99 – 80%        C-= 72.99 – 70%        D-= 62.99 – 60%

B + = 89.99 – 87%     C+=79.99 – 77%       D+= 69.99 – 67%       F= 59.99 and Below

Late work:

Students receive two “Life Happens” passes at the beginning of the semester, which allow them to turn in an assignment up to one day late for full credit (these may not be used on projects or exams).  After the passes are used up, late work is penalized up to 50% of its value (except in the case of excused absences; due dates for makeup work are explained in the student handbook.)  When a student does not have an assignment finished, the student must pick up a pink slip, have a parent or guardian sign it with the work attached, and turn it in the next day.



  1. Responsible: Individual success is important to this class, and you are responsible for doing your own work.  Anyone caught cheating, committing plagiarism, or talking during a test will receive a zero, and will receive a letter in her/his file.  I will follow WHS policy.
    3rd Quarter Important Class Due Dates

    1/29 – Chapter 7 Vocabulary  – Part 1

    2/02 – Chapter 7 Vocabulary  – Part 2

    2/04 – Complete Chapter 7 Lessons 1 – 4 Reviews Items 1 – 5

    2/10 – Chapter 8 Vocabulary  – Part 1

    2/12 – Chapter 8 Vocabulary  – Part 2

    2/18 – Complete Executive Branch and Levels of Government Chart

    2/18 – Student groups will present EOC Item Specification SS.7.C.3.10

    2/18 – Chapter 8 Vocabulary  – Part 3

    2/22 – Chapter 9 Vocabulary  – Part 1

    2/24 – Student groups will present EOC Item Specification SS.7.C.3.11.

    2/24 – Chapter 9 Vocabulary  – Part 2

    2/26 – iCivics Executive Command Certificates Due

    3/07 – Present Supreme Court Case Presentations

    3/09 – Levels of Government Chart: Judicial Branch

    3/09 – Student groups will present EOC Item Specification SS.7.C.2.8

    3/11 – Student groups will present EOC Item Specification SS.7.C.2.10.

    3/15 – Chapter 10 Vocabulary – Part 1

    3/17 – Chapter 10 Vocabulary – Part 2

    3/17 – Present Landmark Supreme Court Cases

    3/30 – Complete EOC Vocabulary – Part 1

    4/05 – Complete EOC Vocabulary – Part 2

    4/07 – Complete EOC Vocabulary – Part 3 

    3/13 – Complete the Levels of Government Chart. Type directly into the chart 3 Agencies, 3 Leaders, and 3 Problems related to each level and branch of government. Include the MLA citations of the articles where the Problems were found.   

    3/31 – Complete EOC Vocabulary 1

    2/06 – EOC Vocabulary 3

    2/18 – Chapters 1 – 9 Exam  

    2/20 – Chapter 13 Vocabulary  – Part 1

    2/24 – Chapter 13 Lesson 3 Review (Items 1 – 5)

    2/26 – Chapter 13 Vocabulary  – Part 2

    3/06 – iCivics – “Counties” Certificate Due

    3/10 – EOC Study Guide Summaries Due

    3/14 – Complete the EOC At Risk Standards.  – Download Here

    3/14 – EOC Practice Quiz 2

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